Getting over it

"I'm smiling.I make steps forward.I believe now.It's raining.Since my death I've been such a silly.I am affraid of my own shadow.How can I pretend to be dead?!I am still just a kid.I can't act differently of how myself tells me.I need to be myself.I need to be real.I'm smiling.It's raining.It is very fun to look back on the past days.I can't keep myself from laughing.I make one more step.I take a  look around me.Everything changed.It rained so much.There is a puddle in front of me.I slowly and carefully step in it.It reminds me of childhood.I kneel down.I wash my hands in the dirty water.I touch my face with my hands.Ah.I can't feel anything, but the rain drops.My life turned into dirt.I love it.I get up.I touch my medallion.I pull it off.I bring it in front of my eyes.I leave my hand down.I constrict it in my hand.I let my head down and I close my eyes.I throw the medallion away in dissappointment.I hear a thunder somewhere far.I never thought I'll get to this.But here I come.I miss the past-self.I am getting over it.I am going to try act normal, because somehow, I'll get back to where I belong and it will be so fine.I will be back to you."