Done :)

It is all folks.I am home :D hehe..That was it.I don't know how much you enjoyed it, but it made me so uch pleasure to write it, so I can say that I really am happy right now, just like in my story.I won't stop writing, it is just this story that is just enough.It is how it should be :) Maybe some of you will keep reading my dumb and idiot writings.I will probably have other blogs, but you can see anything you wish on my profile.:)

Hope you enjoyed it! The kindest regards, Teo ^^

Back home

"I leave the dusty garden.I leave everything.I need my old place back.I am walking.I am taking step by step full of determination.I am walking.I hear a dog barking.It begins to rain again.I see the moon.I begin to fly.Again.Conicidence?No way.I am flying far away from here.And I know where I am going to.I smile evil.I fly.I need to go there.It is the only way I will find my way.I see it.I go down on the ground.I look up and smile.The carousel.It is so old and dusty and I am not sure it still works fine.I take a sit on it.Ah.Aaaah.Some pain stings my head.Memories.Everything.Mom.Child.Poor child.I close my eyes.I feel just like in my sweet childhood.So happy, joyfull and energic.Yes, this is what I needed.I go back down.Thank you.I smile.I think I am not confused anymore.I fly.I fly and fly and fly.I fly far away.I see it.Yes!Yes.Yes..My voice gets lower.A tear comes out of my right eye.Yes..I stop.I stare.I fall.Again.Coincidence?No way.I fall.I keep on falling.I am so excited.My falling takes too much time.I look at my left hand, as I would look at my clock.I laugh.I didn't ever wear a clock, why would I do it now?I can feel the ground somewhere not too far under me.I look.I fall down at last.I am happy.Everything happened like it had to.I stand on the ground.Pain stings all my body.That beautiful pain.I am standing in a cold blood puddle.Ah.I taste every second here.I take a deep breathe.I close my eyes.I open them wide and look up, on the sky.It is raining.I have walked, flew and fell again.I died again.I am watching the sky again.I look at the moon and I listen the sweet sound of dog barks.I look around.The house.The ground.The door opened.I turn my eyes all around slowly.They are tired.The gate.The bushes.The swing and the roses garden.I need to.I can't.But I need to.I sigh.Ah!I slowly get up.I look at the door.The door.The bell rings.I get closer to the door.I put my right foot on the stair.Please.I tremble.Tears are flowing on my cheeks.I smile.Please.I laugh, while crying.I need to.I put my left hand on door's knob.I open my eyes wide.All the pain is gone.Suddenly, I can smell my mom's food.I can hear dad watching cartoons on tv.I can see my sister in front of the computer.I can.I did it.I smile and wipe my tears.I smile.I am happy.I did it and I am finally back home.