Just like I used to..

"Hi.Yes, that's what I've said, 'hi'.I am back, just as I use to be.Always coming back.The past is all that I have left.I watch the sky.Night has slowly fallen as a shadow over the empty city.I watch the sky.I remember all those days.Time and time passed since then.Everything changed, but nothingness is still the same.I watch the stars that are left on the dark sky by the rain.I simply love those little shy shiny candles.They are just too cute for me.I jab my hands in my pockets.I have a candy.I smile and giggle childishly.I love caressing myself.I am the only one who does it, so I enjoy every moment.I am so full of energy, but I am simply staying here.I am walking a few steps and I get down on the cold curb.Near me, an old bottle sitts in dissappointment.What if..?I look at it.I bring it up in front of my eyes.I sigh.Just me and my bottle.'For eternity!', I shout loud and drink.I am so happy, dude.I am so fucking happy.I want to see you feeling everything like me now.Walking.Flying.Falling.Dead.Everything went according to plans.I laugh evil.I start whistling.I want to dance.I close my eyes and leave myself fall on my back.I watch the sky, while rain drops are playing a piano song on my face.It rains over my face, over my body, over my person and over my bottle.I am sick.I am insane.I am stupid.I am all I wish.I know, I am alive, in my own dead way."

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