I just need that

"Apart of that, I am happy, you know?I close my eyes. I let the rain clean my past.I let my memories fall slowly in a dark corner of my mind.Why? It's simple.There's no reason.It is like that just because I want it to be like that.I catch some rain drops in my hand.I crash them and sqeeze them and .. simply let them fall on the ground.I open my eyes suddenly when I hear them hitting the ground.I sigh, as I always do.I..I think I'm going back home.Yes.It is just the perfect thing to do.I miss the old fluffy black blind cat called Parks.I miss little John, the tin soldier and the dusty musical box.I miss old grandpa from the wall and the frail swing in the roses garden.Yes.Everything came back to me as a shadow.I think it is what I need.I no longer need this life of illusions and blind fortune.I no longer want to sit here, all by myself.I am happy, please don't get me wrong.I am really happy! And I know I'll come back soon, but for moment, I need my past back.I need my mommy and the old fairy stories.I need home!" 

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