Nothing left

"I feel like I've fallen asleep.I feel like now I am deeply dreaming and my subconscious is guiding me to unknown lands, where I can't do anything to protect myself.I can see crows struggling, all over the ground.They can't fly.The sky is covered by huge black clouds.I can't see anything around me.A thick fog swallows the air.I don't even know if it is day or night.I can listen the tragic screams of crows.Even that usually they scare everything around them, they seem to be now the ones frightened.It smeels as disappointment over here.I can hear a gun shot.I startle and automatically get on the ground.A train's noise.A woman's scream and a dog bark.Silence.A door creaks right behind me.I feel just like a stickman.Fearless, shameless and even the wind can slow me down.It feels like I could fall down at every desperate move of the sky.But no.I can keep my head up.I can keep on getting back up, even thought I hate every piece of earth right now.I don't give a single fuck for anyone or anything.I just want to be alone, like I've always been.I am a freak.I live to freak the life out.No shame.I can't even imagine how and why I would be ashamed of something that doesn't count for anyone.I stand up.I am walking, like I used to.I don't want to watch the sky, but it is unavoidable.Tears are crashing over my face.I can see somehow the ceiling.I feel like I am living in one of that globes with snow flakes.I hate giving any explanations.I hate being me right now. And you know? I used to be another person."

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