Too fast.Too deep.Too complicated.

"I'm walking.I'm thinking.I'm trying to believe that my life is still as simple as it used to be.I've been walking so fast and so far away from me.I know, there's nowhere to hide when you hide from yourself, but I didn't realize that all this time I was only affraid of my own person.I've been running away of my own shadow, but it's all wrong.I've acted too fast .I've got myself deep inside my own wound.I have complicated my life when I didn't need to, just because I am how I am, a simple man.I laugh sarcastic.I so love the way I've made my life look like a drama.I don't cry anymore, I don't sigh anymore.I've done all these too much and I'm simply repeating.I am no longer creative and original.I am no longer me.I am affraid of my shadow.But my shadow is just a clone of my own person.It is the perfectioned one.It sees everything, it hears everything, but it never says any single word about it."

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