Hey! :D It is the first time when I am talking apart of my "story". I know my story would make you believe I am one of the saddest freak in the world. Actually I am a person totally different of the main and single character. He is like..the opposite me, maybe because I wanted to see thru some totally different person's eyes. It is amazing and believe me or not, it makes me see things in some other way.Everything is inspired from the real life, but with a bit fantasy, a little confusing storyline and some imagination, I get to this :D I know that "myself" from the story keeps being in contradiction with himself,  but this is what makes my story apart from others. I know it is confusing, but I hope you enjoy it. I am writing this in english, so anyone around the world could read it. Don't missunderstand me hehe I am a freak, but I am not any kind of emo or something. I am a normal person just like you.I would really like to hear you opinions about me, my blog or anything, so I am waiting your comments and reactions right on this post or at any other posts, or just sign on my question "Did you enjoy my story?":D. Remember to read down-to-up. :DBest wishes from me!Enjoy and keep reading! :D

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