Wake up

"Wake up!I need to wake up.It has been an awesome night.I will remember it forever and ever.Too bad I've fallen asleep and never woke up again.I sigh happy.I start walking again.I move my hand in the air.I want to touch it.I smile.I love the atmosphere that stands between me and reality.I am living a dream.It's the only place where I can be myself and nothing else.I watch the sky.Here, I live in a continue night, just because I want it.I watch the stars.Here, I can watch the stars anytime I wish, just because I want and love to.Right here, I can feel the rain drops anytime I want because everything is as I wish.And yes.This is what I wish.This lonely life in this dark place, far away from reality.I don't really wait the morning that I know will come one day.Right now I finally realize everything that I wouldn't usually do.I realize that I am happy when I want to be, not when the universe gives me the best shit I can have.I can be the happiest person ever, even in the worst place.My heart beats fast.My breathe slows down.I watch the sky and the shiny shy stars hiding somewhere behind the clouds.I smile.I feel like I could kill the time right now, but unfortunately I need one more second to realize, think and believe it.I need one more second to believe in me."

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