Forward and forth!

"I'm  feeling really heavy.Hundreads of clouds have fallen all over my corpse.I wish you'd see me now.Wait a second.Who am I talking to?I close my eyes.I am probably turning insane. I've got a lump in my throat.I can't breathe.My face got white.Sun lights me up.It's annoying.I want to escape right now!I'm still waiting painfull.My heart beats one more time and done.Everything is gone.I am so easy now.I'm getting up slowly.I leave my lifeless body.I take a look at it.I open my eyes wide, surprised.I was smiling.I died happy.I laugh a little.I start jumping around.It is fun.I can go everywhere everytime I wish.I can live my death exactly how I wish.I hope it is not going to end soon.I began singing.I watch the sunshines lighting world step by step.I listen to the tiny birds.Their twitter is a better music than anything.I enjoy listening to it.The best clock in the morning.I'm caught in this tale.I can see something covering the sun.I look straight.I watch it getting closer, and closer.Right when I was finally seeing it, I feel something on my shoulder.I turn around.I startle scared and I turn back.There is a demon behind me.I am scared to look forward.In my front I see something so white and shiny.I cover my eyes.I see, between my fingers, two huge wings.An angel.I rub my eyes.I let myself fall down.I cover my head in my lap.I raise my head slowly to see if it was an illusion.Two heads, a dark one and a shiny one hang above myself.I leave my head fall back softly.And this is not the end.My death is just the beggining of my story.And I take a last look to my future past."

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