I am falling

"I am falling.I raise my hand straight to the stars left on the black sky.I'm not moving too fast.I'm feeling like I'm in a slow motion movie.My hair's flying around me.It hits my face.I can feel my hair just like some little ice cubes scratching my face.It hurts somehow.I am falling.I can see a drop of warm water in front of my face, falling right after me.I touch my left eye.It's wet.I laugh a little.That's my tear.But I am not sad.I am just crying of happiness.Nobody would understand me now.I am all positive, but talking about negativity.Hell on earth.I am falling.All dead.I am so excited.I haven't ever thought death is my whole dream.I am going to a heaven full of demons.My own heaven.My own universe.My falling takes too much time.The sun has already began to light up the sky.I take a last look at it.I can clearly see that there is just one star left.Free fall.I wish that I'll remember what I did in future.Years and years later I'll tell you this story and you'll think that is happening right now.False.This is what I make you believe.I am falling.I am getting closer to the ground.I can hear a car's hooter.Closer.Closer.A little more.Done.I felt on the hard ground.I can feel pain in my entire body.Every little piece of me is trembling right now.Years of pain are now flowing through my blood out of my body.I am fully dead now.And I could do this forever and ever and once again." 

2 comentarii:

  1. The description is absolutely stunning ! Especially after you see (of course with your mind eye) this scene in one piece!

  2. Thanks.. I wish that you'd be able to see the whole scene as I do in my mind.. It is weird, I recognise, but it is what my imagination, my heart, my brain and my entire body told me to write.. :D I hope you enjoy reading it!