I am flying

 "I’m flying.It is still raining.Cold snow flies around me.I open my eyes wide.I can only see ice, everywhere I’m looking.It is still night and I'm flying to nowhere.It is cold.I’ve got sick of everyone and everything.I cover my ears with my cold hands. I am frozen, but I enjoy every single second lived here, above the entire world, in my own loneliness.Just me and myslef.I watch every white shiny headlight on the empty street.I can’t understand anyone.If everyone could hear the music of my soul.If everyone could see what I watch day by day.I’ve got melancholic with no reason.Random.This is how I feel.Still, I act like a weird person.I can’t recognise myself.I sigh.I’m still flying.Trying to reach unknown lands.Unknown.Of course.I take a look to my back and I see nothing.Moon has gone.It followed me all my way and disappeared when I needed it the most.Not the first one.I close my eyes in disappointment.Suddenly I startle.I can feel a golden warm shine on my ice cheek.The sun.I'm slowly smiling.It’s the most beautiful thing that happens in my life.I die for the first time."

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