I am walking

"I'm walking.I'm watching the sky.It's raining, but I can see no cloud on the black sky, I can only see the shiny stars crying.I can't pretend I am the unhappiest person I've ever seen, because I would lie.In fact I am really happy right now.I'm walking.This cold snow is shyly sitting on my hair.It's still raining and I can see the moon right now slowly falling on my shoulder.I take a deep breath.It's really funny how I'm acting like I am caught in earth's melancholy.I'm walking.I'm slowly smiling.Step by step I am getting closer to nothing.I'm smiling again.I can't control myself and I begin to laugh out loud.It is getting scary for everything around me.I am just smiling now.I take a look at the sky, one more time.The moon is shining and I can hear a dog barking to it.The moon seems happy.Someone who loves her.Amazing.I am walking.Slowly I get to be covered with snow.It is nice and friendly from it.The coldness it's getting me under it's wing.It's night and I'm not walking anymore.I began flying and I enjoy it.I close my eyes and I get straight into the coldness.I smile one more time."

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